Welcome to “Rizer Hammer Helper” and “Calculated Industries Hammer Helper”. “ONE TOUGH TOOL”.

Currently Available on both Amazon, Amazon Prime: Search Amazon and Amazon Prime: “Calculated Industries Hammer Helper” also on the “Calculated Industries” Amazon store:

On Ebay, Amazon and Amazon Prime: “Farm and Home Wholesale” Black Nylon ASIN: B08QVFL4NK, Red Metal on Amazon ASIN: B09P2HH6TD.

2021 National Hardware Show, Market Launch… You have got to see this fun video:

Dirt Monkey: “Very Cool New Tools Episode 3”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Rf_g14tNPo

Rizer= “the “Greatest” New Hand Tool since the invention of the Hammer!”

Winner in the 2019 Pro Tool innovation contest for Hand tools and pry bars…

Try to pull these nails with your claw hammer alone, Forget it!!! Now you have a better way!

Problem: It is “hard” and frustrating to pull those stubborn old Nails! Solution: The “Rizer Hammer Helper” in your tool pocket, makes a “Hard” problem “Not so Hard”! In seconds.

There is a need for the Rizer. Just ask the contractor that has to pull all these nails…

*Fact: 8 out of 10 people that hear about this new tool are interested in purchasing a Rizer… Make your construction job Easier! Try it!

Home Talk with Michael King: Interview to be aired: June 6, 2020 @3PM CST.. GCN Radio Network

Michael: How do you get old guys like us, set in our ways to buy this tool?

John: When guys like me see how well it works, we can save time and energy not needing to look for a chunk of 2X4 to help us pull those difficult nails… Often causing distraction from our current project to another…

For old guys like us, set in our ways by years of experience; What a wonderful gift to give us! This will be one of the greatest, and most often used tools in our belt/box! It is strong, efficient, “great price tag”, and will be the envy of our buddies that don’t have one! We “Always” love a “Cool Tool” that really works well that our buddies don’t have! One step up on them!

The Rizer is a multi use tool, Not just a great nail puller, Rizer helps grip nails to be set (pounded), Magnets help hold and find dropped nails and screws, The industrial magnets aid with identifying different metals (See: Cool Tool) not to mention a really handy bottle opener.

Note: Not just a great gift for us guys, but a wonderful gift for the Ladies as well… Guy’s: If you loan this tool to a lady, you may not get it back!

Bad News: Limited Stock: Order soon (Amazon and Ebay (Rizer Hammer Helper)) , Good News is: Tons more are on the way!

Rizer: A good Example of “Working Smarter Not Harder”

How To Make Your Claw Hammer Better! Make it work harder for you, improve its capabilities, Give yourself more muscle power (and control) in order to accomplish more difficult jobs faster. Wow!

Try A Rizer, Just one time and your attitude toward pulling nails will be changed forever! And your tool box will “Not” be complete without one!

RIZER… Twice The Power To Pull A Fastener! Increases The Power 2X of any Claw Hammer!

Not only for you hard working Pro’s! “Rizer is at home with all you Do-it-yourself motivated creators.” Rizer is here to make your project easier.

Rizer = “Twice the Power!” Increase the Pulling power of your Hammer by 100%!

Rizer is not just a contractors tool, it has a place in every household:

Nail Pulling made easy

“Rizer Hammer Helper” Credits and Recognition: Arctic Innovation Competition, Award Winning, Honorable Recognition and Semi Finals… Tested: Hardware store Manager Approved, Contractor Approved, Carpenter Approved, Physically Challenged (Adaptive) Approved, Mom and Kid Approved,

Rizer= “Twice as easy to pull that nail!”

*Opinions from the Pro’s:

Dear John, It is my pleasure to meet you at this year’s Arctic Innovation Competition. Thank you for explaining your invention to me and letting me try out different Rizer’s. I am impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of the solution you got for an annoying problem. Your Rizer’s demonstrate is a novel design with a low manufacturing cost. It is a great example of valuable innovation. I believe that every family should have a Rizer. Please let me know when your products are in the market. I definitely need buying at least one. October 2017, Professor of Business Administration, University of Alaska.

Dear John, As a follow-up to the demonstration of your new tool. I would like to take a moment to share my thoughts of your invention. First off; I want to reinforce my statement that I would give you a truthful, honest professional opinion, no hold backs. If I thought your invention was already on the market, a bad idea, or I thought it would be a failure in the market place; I will say so… It is clear to me that you have put a lot of time and thought into your invention. With all the tools I have experienced; I have never seen a tool like this. I liked the hands-on demonstration and the multiple tools it worked with. There is no question that your invention made Nail pulling quite a bit easier. I liked the utility of not just pulling nails, but other fasteners, and leverage properties as well. I like the fact that it stores in so many places, does not take up space. I hope that you have protected your idea.

Again, I would tell you if I thought this tool was not a winner, but I really believe it will sell. After my hands-on demonstration, the tool looks like a winner, it is a good tool. I have 10 years of hardware experience, including big box Hardware Stores, there is no question that there is a need for your tool; I would stock them right by the contractor counter, every contractor would throw one in his cart

Good Luck with your Invention, hope to see it on the shelves one day, I will think of your tool next time I pull a nail, struggle with a short nail, or need to lift an appliance/door.

Sincerely, Current Store Manager, Major Hardware Chain

Welcome to the Rizer Hammer Helper tool site… The purpose of this site is to educate tool related individuals as well as companies involving the amazing qualities of the Rizer. “There is no other tool like it”. See Contact Page for where to purchase a Rizer Hammer Helper. Please take a moment to view the following videos:

Once you try the RIZER you will always remember the difference it makes! Why not; Reduce the difficulty of pulling nails by HALF! Get a Rizer!

Rizer= “Half the strength and time required to achieve Success”

Rizer will aide with installing small nails, big nails, screws in tight places with precision accuracy! Powerful magnets hold fasteners tightly in place, primed for Safe installation.

Rizer= “Spot on Accuracy”

How many Fingers have you Smashed installing Joist Hangers, and Beam saddles? Rizer is the Fix! Rizer is at Home on the Job!!!

No More Smashed Fingers! Works with most nail sizes.

Rizer= “Large and Small Jobs” “Rize” to the challenge!

Rizer is all about making Life: Easier!

Introducing the “Rizer Hammer Helper”, Built tough to make jobs not so tough. No more struggling with Hammers while Extracting Nails? The Rizer will help anyone that owns a claw hammer reduce the strength that it takes to pull a nail. Rizer gives you twice the pulling power!

During an open live demonstration, each person that tried the Rizer Hammer Helper, expressed a favorable and positive opinion! It became so much easier to pull nails that virtually “Every” subject that tried the Rizer (that owned a claw hammer) commented that they would purchase a Rizer.

We want to invite you to try the Rizer, we are confident that history will repeat itself. After all, who doesn’t want something that makes life easier???

You will never forget the Rizer Experience, especially when confronted with that tough stubborn nails. We are certain that you will want a Rizer as part of your tool box capabilities; easy to grab, close at hand, easy to install, very easy to use, simply the right tool to help make your job easy.

Rizer Helping you: To “Make that wood Great Again!”

Which Two boards would you use? See The Answer in the Menu: “Value” Tab

If you want twice the power to pull nails: GET A Rizer!

Rizer= “Lightning Fast Install”

Rizer turns your hammer into a more powerful tool!

2X the Power of your hammer when pulling Nails!

Start And End your hard working day with the Rizer! You deserve a well earned break, and Rizer is there to help start your celebration.

Not “All work and no play!” Enjoy a hard earned break at the end of the Day.

Rizer= “Is not; all work and no Play”

Be sure to choose from the “MENU” Above for a more detailed introduction of the Rizer Hammer Helper

Thank you

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See “Contact” for Purchase information

The “Rizer Hammer Helper”  is Owned, Licensed, Trademarked and managed by: Rizer Hammer Helper LLC, An Alaska Company.

Patent Pending

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