Adaptive Tool

 Rizer Hammer Helper has the potential to serve multiple uses as an “Adaptive” tool. Focusing on hand eye coordination for different needs. One of the primary benefits is that Rizer can be used “One Handed” to achieve results that previously took two hands.

23% of all adults- over 54 million people have arthritis. That is 1 in 4 adults. Arthritis is the leading cause of work disability. The nail set on the Rizer was the Idea originating from one such a person. She could not hold a nail in her hands, could not hold a nail in place in order to use a hammer. For millions of people the Rizer will be the answer to realizing once again; independence is within reach.

No matter the age, the feeling of being able to acomplish a job without help is a “Great Feeling”…

Rizer Hammer Helper:

  • Helps position a nail to be driven with pin point accuracy.
  • Holds the nail while the nail is set. 
  • Rizer then can be slid into place on the hammer head.
  • Then used to pull the nail out.
  • Then slides back off the hammer head.
  • Note: The deeper the nails, the more strength it takes to pull the nails, Rizer will cut the strength needed to pull nails (by half). This benefit makes it doable for people that do not have the strength to pull a nail. There is great satisfaction in achieving a task that could not be done prior.
Hand Eye Coordination

Retraining for Opportunity:

Helping Support our Veterans! Rizer’s Challenge!

Example: A veteran trying to deal with a dismembering casualty of losing an arm or hand; the feeling of inability and loss cannot be described in words! Depression and a self confidence need to be addressed and challenged. Tools used in trades that help get started and adapt to their needs, and feeling of direction, independence, belonging are life changing tools. Rizer Hammer Helper is a tool that can help them mend. The Rizer combined in therapy will allow him/her to develop and achieve tasks “requiring hand eye coordination” one handed. Rizer helps develop new skills as well as old that can be done individually without help: The subject can hold a nail in the magnetic clip (launcher), drive a nail in a precise spot (pin point), then add a Rizer to aid in pulling the nail, extract the nail, slide the Rizer off, then start all over again. Each time becoming more and more proficient and successful.

Rizer= “Getting Started!”

Patent Pending

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