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What are these tools and fasteners made of???

Every person needs to know more information about the fasteners (and tools) they are working with and Rizer is the “Plan for the job”…

The powerful commercial magnets will help determine the metal some of the fasteners are made of, for example:

Magnets help identify types of metals.    

         A. Is that nail (or wire) Steel or Aluminum?

         B. Is that screw stainless steel or common industrial steel

         C. Is that bolt steel or Brass.

         D. Is That old bed head board imitation or solid brass?

The questions concerning types of metal are endless, the list can go on forever… However in a quick simple evaluation… The magnets will attract common steel (like every day nails), but not Aluminum. A stainless screw for example will have far less (often no attraction) to a magnet, when again a steel screw will be strongly attracted. Often bolts and screws are painted making the color of the metal impossible to identify the type of metal. For example if it is Brass the magnets will not attract it, but again steel will. How many times have you wondered if an old brass head board is really solid brass? Well Rizer can help with that determination as solid brass will not be attracted to a magnet, yet brass coated steel will. How about household Lamps, fixtures, furniture, wall decor, hand rails… There are countless ways the Rizer can help you make a more educated decision. Keep one in your pocket or Purse, you will use it!

Often metals will cause a reaction (electrolysis) when installed together. For example Aluminum and steel will cause the aluminum to discolor around a stainless steel screw, become more rough and weak. Consequently if you are constructing with aluminum, you might want to consider using a different fastener. Rizer can help with that decision…

Keep a Rizer Handy, you will use it way more than you might think!

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