We realize that nothing will beat a hands on demonstration, however in our early stages of distribution all we can do is show you how easy the Rizer works. Watch for Rizer coming soon…

There are a lot of different situations that factor in the strength needed to pull fasteners (nails). For example how deep the nails are driven, types of wood, Grain and knot holes where the wood is more dense, the type of nail, etc. Framing nails driven three inches into two studs will take over a hundred pounds of pull to get them out. That is “extremely” difficult for even a buff seasoned professional to pull!!! Rizer Hammer Helper reduces the required energy needed to extract nails in those cases and makes the job more easily accomplished. The harder to pull nails the more Rizer is needed!

The following are other applications that the Rizer has proven itself very effective. Not just nail pull

The Power of the Rizer to help Pull Fasteners is IMPRESSIVE!

Patent Pending

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