Designed tough in order to meet and exceed the demands of the working public. Our country is forged from the sweat and determination of our forefathers. Rizer is ready to become an intrical tool in defining our future and what can be accomplished.

Description: The rounded slot on the right of the picture (3) is the Magnetic Nail holder (Launcher), also works well for Screws, staples, and many other fasteners.

Four Magnets provide a variety of benefits:

One holds nails as they are placed in the launcher The launcher holds fasteners  straight, perpendicular to the surface being nailed (or screwed) into. They are designed to help start the fasteners by tapping them into position, then removing the Rizer to drive them further, or all the way. The Rizer also provides a safe distance to help avoid hitting fingers and thumbs with the hammer.

Another magnet (4)grabs nails (screws, tags, staples): Placed on the opposite side of the launcher is a magnet to help collect nails that have been pulled from falling to the ground.

Two more magnets are placed on the large flat side (5,6), below the harness: These nails work to help hold the flat side of the Rizer to the Hammer Head keeping it in place while extracting Fasteners (Nails, etc.). These two magnets  can also be used to locate and pick up nails that are on the ground, especially in hard to find places (in the grass for example)

Attached to the top of the Rizer is the Harness: The Harness serves many purposes, however the most important is to hold the Rizer on the Hammer Head along with the magnets. The Harness also works as a quick install link and helps the Rizer be: “easy to use”.

The harness is also intended for safety purposes, helping to secure the Rizer to the hammer head.


The Rizer when installed on the hammer head is intended to be used for extracting fasteners. Must be removed prior to using the hammer to pound in fasteners.

Patent Pending

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