Rizer= “Is so Easy to use that even a Pave Man Can use it”

In Half the time!

A need for the Rizer? Just ask the contractor that has to pull all these nails… We did!!!
Rizer is a perfect fix for those daily tasks that require a little extra help

Rizer= Big Jobs and/or small jobs, Rizer “Up for the Challenge”

Rizer received an overwhelming show of support from the contractors, as well as recreational builders that give Rizer a try. Comments: “This is a really cool tool”, this sure replaces the old 2X4, this would save me time looking for one”. “I could use this especially with the small nails I use for beam brackets”, “I have never seen anything like this! Pretty cool”. “Yeah, I could use one of these.”

Pulling Nails is not a Framers favorite pastime, Rizer is there to help

We sought out non biased comments, as we sought “honesty” in order to know exactly what people were thinking. We took notes on comments, suggestions and advise. Consequently a lot of our feedback has been designed into the latest Prototypes.

Rizer Has been:

  • Designed with Utility and Appeal in mind.
  • Engineered for Strength in the workplace.
  • 3D CAD designed for CNC manufacturing.
  • Engineered for Safety.
  • Designed for ease of use.
  • Design for Extrusion Manufacturing.
  • Design for Injection Molding

No Matter the size nor Scope of the need; Rizer can be of assistance…

Not just nails but many fasteners
Works with pry Bars
Improves Crow Bars

Patent Pending

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