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The Rizer Hammer Helper is a “must have” for those of you that want to practice being earth friendly and “green” minded, not to mention “Thrifty”. There is no doubt that todays project trends involve “Reclaimed” lumber in some way shape or form. Whether it be structural, finish or just plain art; the Rizer will help prepare old used lumber and make it reusable. Filled with old rusty nails, staples, screws used lumber at first glance may look overwhelming, a job that will appear not worth the effort. However take away all that rusty armament and there is a buried treasure beneath. Holy Smokes: One 8 foot 2X6 in todays market may cost in the neighborhood of $7 plus tax, but pulling the nails out of an old board cost nothing, and with a Rizer the effort is greatly reduced. The project becomes faster, safer, more simple… It is just not that big of a job any more to make a board “great again”.

Fun Projects you can make with Reclaimed (repurposed) old wood… Pull those nails! “Making Wood Great Again!”

Stressed wood makes excellent Picture frames

Fun DiY ideas for smaller Projects.

Larger DiY Projects…

The Rizer was used continuously on these jobs, we cannot even imagine the extra time and energy that it would have taken without the Rizer Hammer Helper.

How Many Trees have you seen with nails in them? Especially where there was once an old tree house; filled with joy and adventure, now empty with age, and scarred by old tell tale rusty nails left behind.
Rizer was made for this task! A tree is a life! Leave it better than you found it… Take a Rizer and pull those nails with ease. The Rizer makes it so easy that even Kids can now pull nails. Rizer makes removing tree house nails “FUN”!!!
Yes, even old screws can be extracted with the help of a Rizer!!!
Free the Tree” to be 100% natural again.

Patent Pending

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