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John F. Hoback

Director of New Product Development

Rizer Hammer Helper LLC

17200 W. Bell Rd

Surprise, AZ  85374

When I was building houses, I was well aware of the cost of lumber and labor. I was constantly faced with; “Which do I sacrifice for the sake of time and profit”? It still drives me nuts to see new studs hanging out of the dumpsters as I drive by construction sites! Studs running upwards of $5-7 apiece just tossed out. I often stop and check out why they were thrown in the waste; most of the time the culprit is nails, no one wants to take the time to pull a half-dozen nails to save a board… I began thinking about: What might encourage a worker to take that extra effort? I figured the solution must include: “Conveyance, faster and easier”:  Hence the Idea for a new tool was born. A New “Cool” Tool that:

1. Attaches to a tool belt (or in pocket).

2. It installs in seconds.

3. It makes the job 50% easier.

The tool has won several awards and honorable mentions, including a 2019 PTIA nationwide tool contest winner. The tool is Patent Pending (approved), PCT Patent Pending and currently entering the market place. Will it sell? As an early indication, the tool sold out within hours depleting the Distributers inventory on Amazon in the wake of the PTIA announcement.

Current status: We are building inventory for a Market Launch early in 2020.

We plan to have two models by then. Aluminum (CNC) and Injection molded, the ladder allows for a lower price point in order to reach out to a larger market.

The tool is simple and can be quantity produced at a low cost, allowing for higher profit margins. This is a huge opportunity for a company with vision. For a company that desires growth, and possesses the manufacturing, marketing and distribution resources. If Interested, Please contact: John 907-223-6771

Thank you,

John F. Hoback

Rizer Hammer Helper LLC

*For further information please see “Licensing”:

For: sample tool: Please email Tool requests (will be mailed after January 1, 2020).

Also:  tool can be purchased on Amazon (for faster delivery). 

Ten Criteria For Success:

How does Rizer Hammer Helper measure up?

Ten Criteria for success: Rizer Attachment

1. Does the product has the “wow” factor? Absolutely, the difference between not having this tool and using it is amazing. It solves a difficult and frustrating problem. The strength it enables one to pull nails is a definite “WOW”.

2. People agree with your premise. I have demonstrated the tool to Framers, Contractors, Business/economics professor, Hardware Store Manager plus every day folks. Every comment has been positive, with positive suggestions that reinforce the belief that this is a great idea and useful tool that the public would be interested in.

3. The product offers a total solution? The tool does cut the products needed to solve a problem, The Rizer attachment attached to a hammer increases its abilities to perform a job it could not prior to. There are many situations that the Hammer alone cannot solve, but the Hammer and Rizer could.

4. The product targets people with passion. Who is more passionate than builders, woodworkers and DIY’rs? This tool is a perfect fit for any person that owns a hammer.

5. The product relates to an emerging market. We think it is a perfect fit for the DIY’rs. The desire to use reclaimed products, a green foot print as well as the economics of cost savings will continue to grow in popularity. This tool is king for helping restore reclaimed wood.

6. The product targets new trends in an existing market. This tool is born from a past and current need. If there is a nail that needs to be pulled Rizer can make it easier. There is not a carpenter on the job that cannot benefit from this tool!  

7. The product offers few technical challenges. This is a simple tool, it’s technical issues have been solved. It can be produced economically in order to be affordable and profitable. 

8. Targeted customers can easily find the products. This tool can be sold on the web as well as smaller and larger stores. As hand tools go, the Rizer is cool looking with curb appeal. It is a good fit for any tool distributer, both wholesale as well as retail.

9. The product conveys its major benefits quickly. A picture says it all! Even the Logo depicts what the tools major benefit is. Along with short tag claims. The tool and its simple packaging look intriguing and interesting. 

10. The product avoids competitors with category-dominating companies. This tool is very unique, “there is no other tool like it” on the market. We do not see the tool in direct competition with big companies. This tool is a quick, available and handy fix for a frequent problem for anyone with limited tools and limited storage.  

Better Understanding the: Rizer Hammer Helper

In several sentences, please describe what your invention is and who would use it. For example, a dog leash would be “a piece of material with a handle that helps keep animals close to owners. Can be used by pet owners, professional pet walkers and others that must keep an animal in close proximity.”

Answer: A hand tool (pry bar) that attaches to the head of a claw hammer using magnets as well as a safety harness to secure it in place. Can be used by contractors, builders, DIY builders, general home use. Its purpose is to solve the frustrating problem of difficult to pull fasteners, primarily nails. It enables a claw hammer to have twice the power to pull nails, often that cannot be pulled by a hammer alone.

Please list specific problems or scenarios that occur when your invention is not in use. For example, a dog leash would be “pets may run into traffic, owners will use energy to chase animals, pets may attack bystanders when not restrained, animal may become lost”.

  1. Good Lumber will be discarded: Nails are often too time consuming (and energy draining) to pull during framing, Builders do not take the time to pull nails. New boards will be discarded rather than taking the time (and effort) to pull the nails. The invention is designed to be in/on a tool bag, in a pocket for quick access. Fast and easy.
  2. Loss of Valuable time, and loss of potential building supplies: If a builder wants to reuse the wood (reclaimed, or repurposed wood) like old decking boards… It is extremely time consuming to pull as many as 16 “long” nails per board. The invention shortens the time and energy required by close to half.
  3. More injuries: Pulling difficult Nails can cause injury, with this invention the probability of Injury is greatly reduced. Not to mention the hazard of stepping on nails that no one has taken the time to pull.
  4. Loss of time and focus away from projects: The time savings of not having to stop a project and go look for a larger tool like a crow bar, pry bar, wrecking bar that can be used to pull difficult nails a hammer alone will not pull! Big Pry Bars are expensive and take up a lot of storage space. No need for them now.
  5. Jobs simply do not get done: Women and children for the most part do not like pulling nails. But now they can pull nails they could not without this invention. This invention (tool) actually makes nail pulling fun! A woman was a major inspiration in the development of this tool, and uses it in her greenhouse to remove pot hanger nails, the kids use the tool on their building projects and tree houses, and just learning about using tools, it is a FUN tool to use!
  6. There will be Smashed thumbs and fingers: The invention has a nail holder for small and large nails. Nails can be “accurately” placed and set without holding the nail between fingers when striking with a hammer… Which also is a big bonus for people that have arthritis and can no longer hold a nail.
  7. Thirsty? No way to open that beverage: Need to go find your own bottle opener (somewhere)? No need to go in search of a bottle opener, car bumper nor other sharp edge to take a bottle cap off. It is built into the tool invention.
  8. A project may be off limits to a physically challenged person: This invention is an “Adaptive Tool”, that allows for one handed operation. Since a person can: Place, hold, pound in, pull, and accurately install a nail all one handed, it possesses tremendous potential in the field of occupational therapy.

In the simplest of terms possible, please list how your invention is assembled and list any materials that could be used to make the invention. For example, “A thin, nylon piece of material is attached to a clip component that can be attached to a dog’s collar. At the top may be an attached handle in which a user’s hand can be placed to control their pet.” 

Answer: A person could cut a small slice off a 2X2 or 2X4 piece of lumber, drill a hole in it and run a zip tie through the wood piece to hold it on the Hammer head.

If any of your invention’s parts require measurements, please list the dimensions below. If no dimensions are given, we will assume the size may vary.

Answer: Ideal size is 1 ½ “ wide, 1 ½ “ deep  by 2 ½ long

If you have a patent application, after reviewing your patent search, if you feel that similar products were returned in the results, please provide us with details as to how your product may differ from those identified. If any changes or modifications were discussed in light of the patent search results, please provide details below if necessary. 

Answer: The Patent was Issued 03/31/2020..   10603774

This is a very unique tool, we found nothing on the market that even closely resembles the invention, described as a “pry bar” it won a nation wide tool contest.. Over the last 70 years there have been Hammer Heads (crowns) that were designed with humps on the them, wedges that lift the hammer, etc. But none that had the design and characteristics of this invention.

This invention (tool) installs in seconds. Uninstalls in seconds. Designed to be installed only when needed. clipped on with the use of industrial magnets, and complete with a safety harness to help position and hold the invention on the hammerhead during use.

In addition to the use of magnets to hold nails in place (to pound in), as well as catch nails that have been pulled.

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