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Michael: How do you get old guys like us, set in our ways to buy this tool?

John: When old guys like me see how well it works, we can save time and energy not needing to look for a chunk of 2X4 to help us pull those difficult nails… Often causing distraction from our current projectto another…

Right Answer: For old guys like us, set in our ways by years of experience; What a wonderful gift to give us! This will be one of the greatest, and most often used tools in our belt/box! It is strong, efficient, “great price tag”, and will be the envy of our buddies that don’t have one! We “Always” love a “Cool Tool” that really works well that our buddies don’t have! One step up on them!

Keep in mind it is a multi use tool, Not just a great nail puller but helps grip nails to be pounded, Magnets help hold and find dropped nails and screws, not to mention a really cool bottle opener. It helps us elder guys to remain strong, as well as enjoy our projects for many more years!

Note: A wonderful gift for the Ladies as well… Guy’s: If you loan this tool to a lady, you may not get it back!

Re: Home Talk Radio Interview, June 6, 2020  

Please go to HomeTalk TV to watch a couple of episodes 

*Aired June 6th, 2020* *Rizer Hammer Helper * *IPO- Nail Extracting Tool*
*Home Talk Average Weekly Broadcast Summary *
*Home Talk Average AQH Potential Weekly Audience* – * 5,000,000*
*Home Talk Average AQH Actually Listening Audience* – * 602,409*
*Home Talk Average Listening Audience Rating-*12.48 Share* *2% Margin for Error*
*This Weeks Broadcast Summary*
Home Talk Average AQH Potential Weekly Audience* – * 5,000,000*
*Home Talk Average AQH Actually Listening Audience* – * 872,659*
*Home Talk Average Listening Audience Rating – *17.4 Share**2% Margin for Error*
Male-54.2 %
Female –45.8 %
Home Owners- – 97.9%
DIY’s -26.4%
Professional Contractor’s- 31.3%
Remodeler’s – Handyman-43.3%
Profile Income – 0-$50,000- 24.6% $50,000- $100,000- 43.7% $100,000+– 31.7%
*Consumer Research Data for June 6th Airing on Home Talk Broadcast*
*Name of Company – Rizer Hammer Helper* IPO Topic – Nail Extracting Tool *
*Audience – *AQH Audience – 872,659 – 17.4 * *2% Margin for Error**
*Rating 17.4 – Above Average Score*
*Topic Discussion Favorability – 89.3% – Above Average Score*
1. Did you like the topic that was discussed on the Show – Favorability- 84.6%*
2. Have you ever heard of the Company prior to the broadcast – No – 91.7%*
3. Have you ever heard or familiar with the product or technology discussed prior to the broadcast *No- 94.4%*
4. Would you be in favor of Home Talk rebooking the Company and Guest on the Show –Yes – 92.8%*
5. Have you ever used the product we discussed on the show – No – 99.2 %*
6. Did you understand clearly the topic discussed on the Show – 92.7%*
7. Were you thinking about or have ever consider purchasing the product heard on the Show – *No – 84.9%*
8. Do you think you would considered purchasing product now or in the near future- *Yes –79.02 %*
9. If Purchase, Would you consider installing the product your self – NA

Michael King

The “Cajun Contractor”

Host & Producer, HomeTalk with Michael King

#1 Home Improvement Radio Program in America |


Rizer Hammer Helper wins a 2019 Pro Tool Innovation award.

This September wrapped up judging for the 7thannual Pro Tool Innovation Awards and Rizer Hammer Helper LLC received an award for the Rizer Hammer Helper tool ( A diverse panel of judges made up of contractors, construction business owners, tradesmen, and media professionals from across the United States came together to vote on entries submitted by top global manufacturers. Here is what the judges had to say about the Rizer Hammer Helper:

Rizer Hammer Helper is a Hammer attachment that reduces the effort to extract fasteners by over 50% in many cases. There is no other tool on the market that resembles it. The Rizer has been field-tested as well as engineered supporting claims that it is capable of reducing the strength required to pull a nail (and many other fasteners) by half.

  • Holds the smallest (like roofing nails) to framing nails in place – no more throbbing fingers from Hammer misses!!!
  • Raises productivity by reducing the time it takes to extract fasteners, as well as strength allowing more workers to perform their job faster and safer!
  • The Rizer is a Green (environmentally friendly) tool as it promotes the use of reclaimed lumber.
  • An “Adapted tool” as it aids in one-handed operation, very beneficial In “Occupational Therapy” helping the physically challenged, for example; Veterans that have lost usage of a hand or arm can learn to accomplish with one hand what they used to do with two.
  • Store in or on a metal toolbox, attaches itself to tool belt plate, fits in any pocket… always accessible and installs in seconds!

The Rizer Hammer Helper is an attachment that slips onto your hammer or prybar, changing the angle of leverage and making it easier to pry. By adjusting the height, the nail comes out straighter instead of at an increasing angle that requires more effort.

Secondly, it acts as a magnetic nail starter separate from your hammer to allow for precise placement while keeping your fingers out of the way. It also functions as a bottle opener. After all, the project isn’t truly done until you have a cold beverage in hand while you admire your handiwork!

After looking through and judging hundreds of power tools, hand tools, fasteners and accessories winners were chosen based on industry innovation.  Winners consistently demonstrated achievement in any of the following: Innovative features, advanced power delivery, ground breaking ergonomics, technological advancements and value. The 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Awards recognized best in class products that are truly ahead of their time.

This Year, over 70 different manufacturers and brands submitted over 360 products in several dozen categories for a shot to win a 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Award.

“Each year, manufacturers reach further and further to innovate and improve their products, helping improve job site efficiency, safety and productivity. While incremental advancements are the norm, some products really distinguish themselves in the industry and deserve particular recognition. Business owners, builders, contractors, and trades people can look to the Pro Tool Innovation Awards to find the product that will help them work more quickly, safely and with greater efficiency.” Said Clint DeBoer Executive Director of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards. “These new tools also tend to save Pros and businesses money in either material costs or time savings. That’s the kind of innovation that often speaks the loudest”.

For further information about the Rizer Hammer Helper; Please contact: 

John F. Hoback, 

Director of Product Development

 Rizer Hammer Helper LLC

35555 Kenai Spur Hwy  410

Soldotna, Alaska


About Pro Tool Innovation Awards:

The Pro Tool Innovation Awards (PTIA) are an annual awards program judged by a panel of professional tradesman and trade media representatives in the electrical, plumbing, MRO, and concrete fields as well as landscaping professionals, general contractors and builders. The Pro Tool Innovation Awards seek to discover and recognize the most innovative tools across a wide variety of industries and categories. The awards are promoted by over sixteen print and online media sponsors. Including its founding member Pro Tool Reviews.

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