Rizer Fits all Claw Hammers, weather “NEW” or “500 years old”… And Yes; every size…

Rizer Hammer Helper is not only amazing at improving nail pulling power but a tool with great potential; its multitude of uses are only beginning to be explored.

  • Rizer Fits “all” sizes of Claw Hammers
  • Works with and improves the performance of All Brands.
  • “Size Matters”: Rizer can be easily carried in a pocket or tool belt.
  • Easily stored in a tool chest, and/or on the metal exterior
  • Rizer can be installed and ready for operation in; 1/2 second.
  • Not just Hammers! Rizer Multi Tasks with different tools to improve their performance as well.

Rizer is a Professional tool! Made for carpenters to save time and energy.

One of the beauties of the Rizer is; it fits the hammer that you already own! 

There is no need to go out and purchase a new hammer!

Rizer is a Novel tool; there are no other tools on the market today that are of the uniqueness to its purpose, quality and versatility that the Rizer claims. Quote: “I have never seen a tool like this” said a Hardware Store Manager: “This tool will sell, I would have a bucket of them by the checkout counter, every contractor would throw one in his cart!”.

Attaches to tool belts and suspenders for fast and easy access. No more lost time hunting for a chunk of 2X4 wood to help pull those tough nails!*

*Belt Clip plate, accessary

Rizer not only fits in your tool box, but “on” your tool box, saving space…

Patent Pending

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