Rizer Tests

Tested in both the Lab and the Field; Rizer passed with Flying Colors!

There is no doubt that Rizer helps improve a persons ability!

In a series of engineering tests and experiments; the Rizer reduced the power to pull Nails by as much as 53.7%. That is close to “half” the strength required to pull nails! Translated to two times the pull when extracting Fasteners.

The Rizer user will experience a range of improvement/or challenge depending on a lot of factors: Density of the wood, type of wood, length and type of nails, how far they are driven as well as how long the nails have been in place. We cane attest to the fact that Rizer Hammer Helper will make nail pulling easier, period!

Other variable factors will involve; the style of hammer, size of the Hammer as well as the length of the handle

Rizer is not just for 16oz Claw Hammers! Rizer will greatly improve the pulling power of: Framing Hammers, Crow Bars, Wrecking Bars, Flat Bars and a lot more.

Improves Crow Bars

Engineer Tested, Contractor Approved…

Patent Pending

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