Rizer= “Welcome to our Audience

Every Person that owns a Claw Hammer Needs a Rizer! It is a tool for everyone! So what do you have to lose, give it a try!

Intended Audience? If you use a Claw Hammer, need to pull nails, need to pound nails. You Qualify! But; Rizer has a lot more uses, for example: Need to? Level a stove, Get that object out from under a stove, adjust the foot on a rocking washing machine, put glider under the feet of a washing machine or a couch. Rizer will help you lift that object…

Rizer Can Help outdoors as well, if it needs to be lifted, adjusted and/or leveled… Keep Rizer in mind: How do you lift the rocking Paver Block? Rizer!

Weed Pulling 101, there was that weed! Now you see it, now you don’t!

Rizer a “must have” tool!  Rizer makes the job easier! Who doesn’t want that????

Did Rizer Hammer Helper solve a problem? Yes, beyond the shadow of a doubt! The Rizer solved lots of problems for almost all of the participants…

During public presentation and demonstration, Rizer* was put to the test: Young and old:  Men, women, children all tried the Rizer.

  • In 100% of the Cases the Rizer made the job not only easier but twice as easy.
  • Adult Men agreed they could pull nails faster, with less struggle, saving time and energy. If on the job site, “saving money”.
  • With the job easier, they would be more likely to pull the nails.
  • Less nails were bent,  more likely to be re-used. Which means: Less nails laying all over the ground creating a safer more eco friendly job site.
  • Less wood was damaged with far less strain on the tools; creating lower tool pressure against the wood..
  • Adult Women were the most surprised, as the Rizer helped them do a job that they could not accomplish without the Rizer. (The picture below is a woman experiencing the Rizers magic!)
  • Older Ladies as well were able to pull nails that they could not without the Rizer. 
  • Children Loved the Rizer, they were actually having fun pulling nails with so little effort. They did not want to stop! These were nails they could not pull without a Rizer.
  • The most amazing story however was an elderly woman that told us that she had Arthritis and could no longer hold a nail. Using the Rizer she could not only pull nails, but could hold them and pound them in. Amazing!!!

Did Rizer Hammer Helper solve a problem? Yes, beyond the shadow of a doubt! The Rizer solved and/or supported the solution to multiple problems for almost all of the participants…

Rizer is designed as a multi purpose tool

The Rizer story has just begun to be written. We look forward to experiencing its benefits for many years to come.

In Fact; The Rizer has so much potential; we are certain that our customers will be telling us all about new and innovative ways of using the Rizer to help complete their projects.

Patent Pending

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