Is it really worth it? Pulling all those nails out of these old rotten decking boards?

With a Hammer alone the job appears overwelming and time consuming, but with the help of Rizer the job is half the work and twice as fast! Is it worth it? You be the Judge…

Wow, Look what happens when the nails are pulled and six inches are cut of the ends of the boards!

Those old rotten boards have been given new life! Now called “reclaimed”, they are ready for a new project..

In preparing these two boards for a new project, a person has more than made up the cost of a Rizer. Just in two boards alone! Is Rizer a “value”? Your Call…

The Rizer is a financially sound tool. It is “VERSITILE” ; mainly because it can be constructed with so many different materials. The current models are Anadized Aluminum CNC machined to precise specs (Probably the most expensive method). We wanted an “impressive” entrance to our market and we feel the first design is just that. We will be considering future models that can be manufactured at a lower cost: Extraction designs for larger distribution orders, Injection molding for more cost friendly designs that could even be used as promotional tools.

As new models are planned, we will be keeping in mind all the feedback coming our way. The “bottle opener” is a current example of just that. It is a “fun” addition we were able to add to the first run… Another future feature may be a level added into the cut outs (a contractors suggestion).

So Many jobs yet to be done! The Rizer is the perfect tool for the Job. Rizer is not just a Nail Pulling tool, Rizer is a nail setting as well. The Rizer has virtually no competition as a stand alone tool that improves a claw hammer by as much as 100%. It would be safe to say that virtually every household has a Claw Hammer, and that every household has a use for that hammer. Thousands of new claw hammers are sold every day, the market is growing. As the claw hammer market grows, so does the potential for the Rizers growth. 

If you think Robin Hood did a great job, watch the accuracy of Rizer!
“Dead on” Nail placement every time, one handed or two handed…

The Economic Value that the Rizer Hammer Helper provides is virtually endless. Not to mention the time savings, energy savings’ and safety issues (pulling nails as opposed to nails protruding out of lumber at a work site).

Patent Pending

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